Startup World Cup & Summit

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Startup World Cup & Summit is an European Continental Finale of the worldwide startup competition based in Silicon Valley. It is the fourth consecutive year in Prague in 2020 and growing bigger and bigger every time. The competition is followed by international Conference, EXPO, workshops, panel discussions, networking, mentoring etc. Prague becomes an European Startup heart for these two days. Would you like to be part of this?

Social Media Guru

Startup World Cup & Summit welcomes more than 15 European Winners and unites Central & Eastern community of Network Partners. Those Partners are essential to help spread th word about the SWCSummit as well as support each other across the continent. 

Social Media Guru will be responsible for:

  • social media of the SWCSummit -> LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,

  • cooperate with marketing guys on the post-plan,

  • create a cool startup content,

  • add some (or many!) new followers,

Ideal Candidate should be:

  • able to work in English (atleast B2, preferably C1),
  • knowing stuff in startup enviroment,
  • don't be afraid of deadlines,
  • able to multitask at the highest speed,
  • heard something about Microsoft Excel and doesn't hate sending emails :)

We are funny (most of us), easy going, highly motivated Team, which fights every new challenge. Looking forward to hearing from you! YES, I'm looking directly at you! Send us a message ;)

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